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Holiday Letting Organisation

Established 2005

About Us

HLO supports holiday letting in Byron Bay - short or long term. However HLO maintains the position that letting should be conducted responsibly.


HLO supports homeowners and managing agents who are undertaking short and long term holiday letting, in a variety of ways. To join, contact us

Code of Conduct

HLO advocates this code, which was established to benefit holiday makers, homeowners / property managers and protect local residents.

Noisy Neighbours

The Noisy Neighbours service operates 24/7 to ensure that holiday letting does not have a negative impact on our community.

Holiday Letting Organisation Byron Bay was established in 2005 to support homeowners and property managers, acting as an industry body, providing information and resources to ensure that holiday letting is undertaken responsibly, without any negative impact on the community. HLO also operates the Noisy Neighbours service 24/7.