Noisy Neighbours? Call: 02 6626 6888

HLO advocates the right of homeowners to holiday let their properties, so long as they do so responsibly.

HLO was originally established in 2005 as a lobby group, working on behalf of property owners who were undertaking holiday letting; to help these owners understand their rights and responsibilities as well as their legal obligations.

Holiday Letting has long been an important contributor to the Byron Shire economy, providing a wide variety of accommodation options for the many thousands of visitors who come to the region each year.

HLO has been instrumental in enabling the local holiday letting industry to grow into the professional, well-run, and socially responsible industry that it is today, ensuring that holiday makers and locals can co-exist peacefully all year around.

HLO also operates the Noisy Neighbours Service, providing residents with a 24/7 complaints hotline that is backed up by a private security service, which responds to every complaint. This is a highly regarded service in the Byron Bay community because it means that any nuisance behaviour can be dealt with immediately, taking the pressure off valuable police resources, particularly with regard to noise issues which make up the majority of complaints.